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Wagon smokes

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Ok here it is..... I have a 99 wagon 1.8 aeb, if I let the car idle for awhile and then drive off I get a lot of blueish smoke coming from the exhaust it only last for about 5mins after that it's fine no smoke while I'm driving. Since I love the car and decided on keeping it since having the transmission rebuilt I went ahead and had the top end rebuilt as well, I thought maybe oil was getting past the valve seals once everything was put back together everything seemed rectified until abt a week later (if that long). What could it be now? Maybe the bottom end needs some attention now? Piston ring? I haven't had the PCV system looked at yet I'm at my wits end now, any help would be appreciated thanks in advance!!
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No need to be at your wit's end - this is an annoyance and not a crisis. Spend some time being a detective to find the source of the leak. I would still suspect oil from the top end or intake first, because it is worst after sitting for a while. That happens when the oil gets a chance to pool, which is more likely if it's coming from the top. I would snoop around the intake first - maybe the oil is leaking past a turbo seal. See this:
Great info bro thanks!! As soon as I get home I'll check this out
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