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W8 Ac blows hot , but charged?

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My AC is charged, granted at the low level 25 psi, but it blows hot and Im not sure the compressor is kicking on, it does work once in awhile, I heard there was a relay for this 384? but too the panel off under the steering wheel and did not see it, any help would be great!!

Its a 2002 w8 if it makes a difference

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Did you run the climatronic for codes?

Running the diagnostic codes should help determine if there is a flapper motor acting up, it is not all that uncommon for the temp adjustment flapper motor to start hanging up.

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no codes as far as I see #19 has a 0
Unfortunatly the LP is a poor indication of refrigerant level.
The system is a closed loop with both liquid and gas. You can have next to no liquid but still have some LP reading.
I'm guessing since you just posted the LP you don't have a set of gauges.
Without them you cannot correctly diagnose the fault.
Find a set, get a set of readings when the engine / AC comp is running.
I think the 384 compressor cutoff relay only applies to non climatronic cars. The compressor is hard to see on a W8, gauges would help you see if it's coming on or not. It's nice that you can run a check on the climatronic, since a lot of things could shut the system down.
thx for the replies, ur right need some gauges, I'll be looking for how to recharge the systems, or maybe I should let a pro do it
Isn't the W8 compressor always engaged? I thought I read that somewhere, there's no clutch on it.
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