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VW Passat B5 belt noise

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Hi Guys,

Once again having issues with my Passat. Around 6 months ago my Passat began making weird high pitch noise coming fro the engine, it was the drive belt and it only happen rarely but as time went it would happen more often. Usually while engine is cold once warmed up it would go away. Now it stays even if the engine is hot.

The noise itself sound high pitch and pulsing and quite loud, you could say it's like a squeal.

I think it's coming from the area I have highlighted in the image.

Any suggestions?
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I am forgetting how it is on the internal water pump version of the 1.8, but isn't the belt tensioner roller attached with 3 bolts only? Its fairly easy to remove those 3 without doing much more than releasing the belt, no?

The viscous fan roller bearing might also be the cause. With the belt off, check that this one spins freely and doesnt have any play.
Well, I am also assuming it is a 1.8, but he OP is from the UK, so for all we know its an inline 1.6 or a TDI.
Marius, state your engine code if you know it, or post a pic.
It sounds like you will need to put the front end into service position to get at the belt tensioner. what year is the car? search in the infobase for directions on how to remove the front end if you don't have access to a repair manual.

perhaps u-toob has some vids for that engine.
1 - 3 of 27 Posts
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