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VW Passat B5 belt noise

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Hi Guys,

Once again having issues with my Passat. Around 6 months ago my Passat began making weird high pitch noise coming fro the engine, it was the drive belt and it only happen rarely but as time went it would happen more often. Usually while engine is cold once warmed up it would go away. Now it stays even if the engine is hot.

The noise itself sound high pitch and pulsing and quite loud, you could say it's like a squeal.

I think it's coming from the area I have highlighted in the image.

Any suggestions?
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Hi guys,

Sorry for a late reply. I tried the water trick and spraying water on the belt itself did nothing, but when I spayed on the deflection pulley noise disappeared instantly and came back after few seconds. I haven't changed my belt since I got he car so around 6 years ago.

I have bought a new pulley and a belt but have no idea how to replace it. Do I remove the front and radiator to get to it?

Thanks for all replies :)
The engine is 2.3 V5 as shown in the picture. I pulled on the tension pulley to loosen the belt as replaced the deflection pulley by the AC as it seems to be ok. I will need to take a drive to make sure.

I genuinely have no idea how to replace the belt without removing the whole front of the car. It seems like I would need to take off the fans and radiators :(
Took me a over a months but last week I replaced the belt and the noise is gone. It's quite weird now actually been there for 2 years I kind of miss it now.

Taking off the old belt and putting a new one was a mission!!! Took a good hour and some very intricate positioning but it's all good now.

Thanks for the help guys :)
1 - 4 of 27 Posts
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