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*I am on limited bandwidth sorry for the pics working one time but not the other!*

Today here at VW of Valencia, they threw a car show because the want to become more of a mod friendly dealership! They got all new management and also a new service manger who really wanted the dealership to become more mod friendly.

The invatation went out late but it still was a nice turnout.

Enjoy the pics

Bernie (dub-nation)

Chris (MrJackalope)

Yours truly (slimebucket)

Dan (D.Passat00)

Shant (VW of Valencia service manager)

Some Chick, from what I have heard she is stuck up which makes her :thumbdow:

Some other pics

Old Shcool :bow: :bow:

Thats it, enjoy

Rich :)
1 - 20 of 64 Posts
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