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VW OEM Navigation "D" system

This was installed on a 2000 Passat with a single din radio. Please verify fitment if you have a different car before purchasing. The navi has some minor imperfections, including some scratches on the side, but not noticible when installed. Some very minor scratch/dent on the front, but hardly noticible. Local pick-up only.

the pic shows some extra parts which are not included in the navi

few more large pics:

pic of the cables included:

here's the vw part # 3b0035191d has the price in case anyone was wondering what this retails at.

i bought this from octick, and he said they where 2004 maps.

Please read this to determine if this navi is right for you

Navigation "D" unit only$549

Back-up Navigation discs $85

Antenna and cable (for single din) $40

Navi, discs, antenna, and cable - $674

Note: You will need all the items above for the navigation to work right, unless you're only looking for a replacement navigation unit only. Price listed is for cash payment.
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