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Hi everyone,

I'm posting this thread as I'm hoping it may help others. When I initially bought my VW MFD-D Sat Nav and retrofitted it into my Passat B5, I was sad to see that it gave the error "unable to read disc".

So I tried many things, firstly I bought a genuine disc secondhand off of eBay but this did not work. So then, after noticing some scratches, I took it to Game and got the scratches repaired... It still wouldn't work. Next I decided I would make a copy to see if this would work, but although the copy burned with no errors the disc still wouldn't work. After all this I thought perhaps it was a faulty laser, and after searching I came across a thread on another forum which suggested cleaning the laser. I didn't believe this would work but I thought it would be worth a try... And after following the instructions, it worked! Both the original disc and the copy work perfectly!

So here are the instructions from Ipswichjules on the edition38 forum, for anyone else who may face the same issue (I couldn't find any solutions on Passatworld when I was looking...):

I had the same problem on my MFD(1) in my mk4 and it was fairly easily fixed as it was a dirty CD lens which needed cleaning. Here's how to clean it:

First off you will need a T8 screwdriver (Pretty sure it's t8 from memory), a small philip head screwdriver, some cotton buds and some alcohol cleaning fluid.

1) Remove the stereo from the car.
2) Pop the top cover off.
3) Undo the 4 x t8 screws that hold down the CD mechanism assembly (one in each corner).
4) Lift the CD mechanism assembly up - try to do this as "straight" as possible as it plugs into a connector on the board below it and will unplug as you lift it.
5) Once it's lifted you need to unplug a small 3 wire connector at the side (just unplugs easily) and the connector lead for the GPS aerial to do this you need to remove the t8 screw on the underside of the CD assembly that holds a brass cover over the top of the connector, once undone just slide the cover off and gently unplug the small connector.
6) Now you can put the MFD out of the way, remove the 4 x philip head screws on the backplate of the CD assembly mechanism - some models may not have this cover, if yours doesn't just goto the next step.
7) Have a look through the gap in the rear of the mechanism where you just removed the cover, you will just about be able to see the CD lens (it faces up)
8) Get your cotton bud soaked in the alcohol cleaner and using the gap at the rear you looked through rub the alcohol soaked cotton bud over the lens, don't be too heavy handed but be firm enough to make sure you wipe off any stubborn dirt. You will see that the cotton bud will get some dirt on it, it won't come out black but it should be darker than before you started!
9) I then left the mechanism for 5-10 minutes to allow the alcohol to evaporate and repeated the procedure, I done this a few times using 2-3 cotton buds (both ends) to make sure it was fully cleaned.
10) Put everything back together in a reversal of how it came apart - so it'll be rear plate, GPS cable and cover, 3 wire connector, mechanism back in and 4 x t8 screws - you need to line up the rectangle connector on the underside of the mechanism with the socket that faces up inside the MFD, it will locate itself quite easily and shouldn't cause any problems, press down gently but firmly before putting the t8's back in and only fully tighten them once all are located properly and not cross threaded.
11) By time you've put it all back together and back in the car the alcohol should of evaporated but it won't do any harm if you leave it half hour or so just in case.

Hopefully this will work for you, if it doesn't then it will be a case of replacing the lens I'd imagine (about £30 for the part on eBay), but for me simply cleaning it worked a treat and it read the CD afterwards with no problems.

I know it's an old thread but it may be of help for people that found this via the search.
Hope this helps someone out there (its a lot cheaper than buying a new laser for £30)!
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