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Vote on my new project. Keep it? Off with it? Or finish it?

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Just finished a little project on my grill. Not sure if I like it. I'm 50/50 on keeping it. Let me know your guys feeling on it

Before: Land vehicle Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Sedan

After with added chrome trim: Vehicle Car Bumper Volkswagen Grille

Get rid of it? Like it? Finish the top horizontal bars as well? Or take it all off and go back to all black. Post your answer! Thanks
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that is actually not that bad. kind of dig it.
You plasti dipped the front chrome portion of the grill/bumper then add more chrome to the lower grills?!:hmmm:
Yes sir. Always liked the chrome lines that go across horizontally on the r32 grill.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Volkswagen Grille

But after having trouble getting the adhesive to stick to the top portion. I decided to just do the bottom grill.
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Oh, I didnt see the lower chrome. yeah, take that off. The actual plasti dipped part was what I was referring too.
I'd say I like it. I like the flow of chrome at the bottom. I'd keep it.
Ahhh just when I was set on taking it off haha. Thanks for the input guys. Trash it: 2. Keep it: 1. Keep em comin

I'm thinking about taking off all the bottom trim and instead just trim the top grill. Here's what it would look like. Bare with me I don't have photo shop so a little paint action will give the idea. Land vehicle Vehicle Car Black Volkswagen
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Update: finally made my decision and I'm pretty happy with it.

Land vehicle Vehicle Car Bumper Volkswagen

Next up, s5 heads!
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That's gonna look good with the S5 heads. You gonna lower the car some?
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