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In an effort to stay ahead of the curve, and the competition, Volkswagen is working on a host of new vehicles ranging from a seven-passenger crossover to a redesigned flagship sedan. The company’s latest product blitz is all part of its grand plan to become the world’s largest automaker by 2018.

Among other vehicles the next-generation Polo continues to be a no-go for American drivers, but a diesel-powered Tiguan is a definite maybe. Here’s a peek at some of the upcoming product that could help VW reach its ambitious sales goal.

VW Tiguan

First up, the Tiger-Iguana. Who would have thought a big cat crossbred with a lizard would result in an all-around capable compact SUV? Luckily for Volkswagen, that’s just what they got from this vehicular Frankenstein.

The Tiguan has been on the market for a number of years now, and even though it was recently refreshed a replacement model is not far off, with the next-generation set to roll into showrooms sometime in 2015.

Certain to share the company’s new MQB architecture, which underpins the recently released 2014 Golf, Mark Gillies, Manager of Product & Technology communications at VW of America hints that the Cross Coupe concept gives “a little glimpse of where Tiguan styling might go in the future.” There are certainly worse designs to emulate.
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