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Does anyone actually like the way the Juke looks? Does the NISMO version look better or worse?

Does a tuned-up Juke deserve the NISMO badge?
by Luke Vandezande

Your opinion of the Nissan Juke NISMO will vary greatly depending on what you expect it to do. First things first: this is not, we repeat not, a super-tuned version of Nissan’s compact crossover. If that’s what you’re expecting, it will be a disappointment.

A Body That’s Impossible to Miss

As if its off-beat looks don’t get enough attention, the company is offering an even wilder package courtesy of its NISMO tuning arm. Funky design cues like the car’s split headlights and hourglass shape stand out as usual, but with more pronounced features.

Changes include red mirror caps, special 18-inch wheels, red pin stripes and an extensive aero kit that improves downforce by 37 percent — or so Nissan claims. You’ll never notice the difference.

The alleged extra earthward push comes from a front spoiler, rear diffuser, side skirts and a big back wing. Some people might be put off by the kit, but they hardly match the Juke’s target audience.

Most buyers will probably find that the new bits compliment the car’s looks, even if the downforce enhancements boil down to meaningless marketing material.
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