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Don’t let photos or even video of the all-new 2016 Nissan Maxima color your opinion of this car. Yes, its front end is controversial, and no, not everyone will love the way it looks, but this is a vehicle you have to see up close in natural sunlight to appreciate.

And that’s something I didn’t realize until testing this all-new large sedan a few weeks ago during a junket to Nashville, Tennessee, where the North American headquarters of this Japanese automaker are located. Konnichiwa, y’all.

The new Maxima isn’t particularly handsome in pictures or even on an auto-show turntable, but that changes when it’s outside, mingling with other vehicles. Its plunging grille reaches for the asphalt below, falling just shy of physical contact. A rippling hood and blacked-out pillars further enhance its sporting intentions. But perhaps the most eye-catching elements are the arching lines that run along its flanks; they look like they were applied by a calligraphist’s brush.

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