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Very odd malfunction: misfire after tire change and front alignment

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Today I took my B5.5 for a tire change. Two weeks ago the car was tuned-up and had an oil change. Everything fine, smooth and excellent fuel mileage (30.1 mpg). Suddenly the car began with a misfire when the installer handed me the car. I asked him, WTF?? The obvious answer you might guess "oh no sir, we just changed tires and did a wheel balance and alignment". The car crawled home as if just 3 cylinders were working (this being an 1.8 engine). Fuel mileage came drastically down and feels as if the turbo went on a sudden holiday! It is already dark out there and I have no VAG or scanner at hand in my actual location. I prefer not to take the car out in such circumstances. Anyone has a clue of what might be going on?

I might say that in the recent oil change, due to some confusion or lack of knowledge, the guy at the oil change garage overfilled slightly the oil deposit. When I went there to pick it up I checked the indicator and it was way past the full mark. Up about 200 - 250 mililiters. I asked the guy to drain some of the oil to bring it down to the specified quantity. I asked if he drove the car or for how long did he kept the engine running. Said about a minute to check for leaks and then some parking manouvers. That makes about 2 minutes. I begin wondering if my CAT has been killed :confused:

Would appreciate some helpful tip or similar experience.

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Check codes first. A single cylinder misfire could just be a coil pack and may have nothing to do with the work that was done.
I will take a look at the PCV, check the plugs and then have it scanned. I will post back any findings.
Thanks Hirnbeiss.
Two weeks ago the car was tuned-up and had an oil change.
When you say "tuned-up" what did they do? There are no adjustments for mixture or timing like the old days, so that is really an obsolete term. Perhaps they changed spark plugs and damaged a coil connector? In any event, don't drive on three cylinders unless an emergency, and you've disconnected the fuel injector connector for the dead cylinder.
Mistery solved. Done some plug and unplug proceedings with the coil packs. The one in cylinder 4 (next to the firewall) was kaput! Went to the stealership (for availability reasons) and bought one. I will be replacing all of them shortly, the car ran smoothly with just 1 replaced, can't imagine with four new coil packs.
Thanks for your responses!
Happy driving.... Passats, of course.
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