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VDO boost gauge for the passat

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I am about to buy a VDO boost gauge. Its the VDO-150121D! Does anyone have this gauge and recomend it? What tubing is necessary and how hard is to install one?
thx everyone. I did search the forum but didnt find any good answer!
Another user told me that its not too hard to install. do you guys have a good write up? I thought there was one on the info forum but i couldnt find it :crazy:

Link to the gauge:

I am getting it new for 20$ shipped with the tubbing so I guess its a pretty good deal!
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Bump, sorry to be annoying guys but I really need an answer in order to still buy it today :)
well from what i see, most peps here have the VDO boost gauge, i have a grey autometer i got it for 45 buck w/ kit(from locar performance shop). although i got it since i wanted to match my grey interion.

my .02cents

thx alfredo! Yeah, 45 bucks is not bad with the pod (i will have to purchase the pod). This one is just the gauge but i think its a pretty good deal, its the gauge and the tubing for 20 bucks u know... in many shops i see it for 33 and then 8$ or so for tubing without shipping!
well i meant the gauge and tubbing/fittings>$45

you can buy the tubbing at auto zone for 50cents per foot+fittings 1buck

i got the gauge pod for additional 25bucks

good luck
well then the price i am buying at its pretty good. 20 with the tubbing.. sorry for the so bigginer question but what is the fittings (i thought u meant the pod there - still have no clue how i will install this but i am whilling to learn). I will get a pod for 25 bucks as well or wait for a group buy on pods!
go to herman h web page/That is what i used and a lot of other people here.
the kit (gauge) includes:

boost gauge
T fitting << that is used to tap into the vacum hose(by cutting the existing hose in two) that goes from you manifold to your fuel pressure regulator :b5:

I like it, check out my profile, i have as pic of it installed... too lazy to post a pic :thumbup:
Thx alot for the info alfredo :thumbup:
Merk20VT, i will check the pic rite now! I just got it! I think of it as a good deal, $15 brand new in box with 5 dollars shipping on ebay! Now i just need to get a pod and learn how to installl and i am all set!

AHHA merk20VT, that looks sweet. where didd u get the pod from and how much? thx guys!
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