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Variant Trunk Microswitch

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From time to time, my trunk won't open using the button on the key fob or the release inside the driver's door. I have to put the key in the rear lock cylinder and manually open the trunk.

My vag-com shows fault code 01141 - Luggage Compartment Unlocking Switch (E165) 27-00 Implausible Signal.

Has anyone else had this problem on their B5.5? How did you fix it?

BTW, the locking mechanism on the B5 is different, so I'm looking for B5.5-specific answers.
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I haven't had that problem, but I know that the earlier B5 sedan's trunk lock can occasionally develop electronic gremlins, i.e., not locking, staying in the unlocked position.
Strange that it happens intermittently.
Should be under warranty anyway, might be worth getting it looked at/replaced.
Never had it happen to me. Course I don't have a VagCom yet either, but as far as problems opening the hatch - none here.

I would take it to the stealership - it's probably a bad switch - and get it replaced. ASSUMING it is still in warranty.....
Assuming a valid warranty then the dealership is an obvious route; despite the potential hassles.

However, if you are out of your warranty, there was discussion between those who had this problem. Try searching for related topics. I recall an easy fix. TTT to let others shed light on your matter.

Thanks guys, please keep the suggestions coming! :)

To answer some of the above questions: It's *way* out of warranty (I hit 24k in 11 months). E165 is the switch that wraps around the lock cylinder. Dealerships only sell the switch in combination with the lock cylinder and mounting hardware... of course the new lock cylinder will necessitate a second key that will only work in the trunk. :roll: The easy-fix posts I've seen all deal with the B5 latch hardware. They made significant changes for the B5.5.

Intermittent trouble makes me think it's either a faulty contact inside the switch, or a loose wire nearby. Poor ground connections are the most typical cause... I need to snoop around my wires some more.

I guess I'm hoping for advice on how to take apart the B5.5's microswitch/key cylinder assembly and replace only the microswitch.
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^bump^ :)
Yep, had the problem and had the switch replaced. They replaced whole lock mechanism/cylinder (because key also not working to open) even though I said I suspected the lock actuator (white piece). Sure enough, I had same problem and then they replaced actuator. No problems since then.
Is the "actuator" the box that actually pulls on the cable? I was thinking this part could be the real culprit.

Do you still have your original lock mechanism/cylinder? or did the dealer keep it?
I have a '02 Passat GLX V6 wagon, which has the same problem as what Pete ran into. My friend used VAG-COM to check my car and one of the code is shown below:

01141 - Luggage Compartment Unlocking Switch (E165)
27-00 - Implausible Signal

Has anyone got a chance to find how to fix this and how much it would cost yet?



The problem turned out to be water intrusion in the black "pressure pad" in the liftgate. Replacing the pressure pad did the trick. Check out this writeup by "robc10x". :thumbup:

The part number is 3B9827566. Many dealers won't be able to "find it in the system", so they'll want to sell you the entire un/locking mechanism for $500, instead of the switch itself for about $50.

If searching by part number fails, try 1stvwparts --> OEM parts catalog --> (B)Search by Drill Down, 2002, VW --> Passat --> Lift Gate --> Gate and Hardware --> Release Switch. However, you may want to email them and make sure that's the right part before ordering.
Thanks to Pete who showed me step-by-step procedures to get the parts online at Here are the links I got by use mouse right-click to get the URL address from link properties.



Note: The forum does not show the whole links, but once you click on the link, the address shown in the browser window are in full length.

Pete, in "B5.5 Variant Liftgate Trouble - SOLVED!" Robc10bx said he didn't replace the parts though he ordered them. He simply cleaned the old parts and use them. Did you find the original parts broken? Did you replace them? What's your thought on this?

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In my case, the little ball bearing that makes the "contact" inside the pressure switch was badly rusted. I probably could have cleaned & fixed it, but who knows for how long? I've never had a bit of trouble since I replaced the part (it's been 12 months & 20,000 miles on the replacement switch, so far.)

Good to see you found the part & a link to it! :thumbup:

Let us know how the install goes!
The picture link is here:[email protected]/sets/72157594193232845/

robc10x said:

The first pic is of the lift gate release switch apart. Note on the Lever part (part under the main unit) a couple of things. One is the very very small bump on the lower right hand corner of the piece - that is the ball bearing sticking out. The other is a piece of metal protruding - that is the piece that contacts the microswitch. Yet another is the area on the left side of the main piece that is discolored - that is where the ball bearing rides and that is where I lubed.

The second pic is a crappy photo of the ball bearing.

The third & fourth pics are of the unit assembled, showing the metal and the microswitch.

Can someone post the link of this page at ? I am not allow to do that. Thanks to Rob (robc10x) who offered the pictures.
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