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Get the service CD for $90 first!!

Cylinder head has to come off......intake plenum needs to come off, as well as the turbo plumbing on the exhaust side. New valves and guides needs to be purchased. Specialist shop needs to do the work to R&R the guides, cut the valve seats, and reassemble (I would definitely pay the pros to do this....find an automotive race shop). New head gasket and possibly head bolts required to reassemble.

And of course while you are there, R&R the cam chain and tensioner (special tool required?), change the valve cover gasket, and put a new timing belt on the car. Also, this would be an easy time to replace the cheap thermostat assembly and remove the alternator for freshening as well. You can do everything but the cylinder head work at home, but would need some spare transportation for a couple of weeks while waiting for parts and such.

As you can see, I've also thought about this as a way to address my car's oil consumption rate. :)
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