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value of 1970 Opel GT ??

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I spotted apretty hot car yesteday. It is a black 1970 Opet GT black on black manual. I dont know how many miles are on the car, but the interior needs some work, and so does the exterior (but is not as bad).
How much do you think is a fair price for this baby?

How much is it worth in good condition?
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Better question: how do you plan on sourcing parts? And at what premium? :)
Yup. Value for a perfect GT is around $10K, but parts to repair an old one will set you back considerably. Sheet metal will have to come from a donor or be custom made. All interior bits, too. Motor parts will come from overseas, maybe you can get some through a specialty GM parts house. They are barely worth rebuilding - only on the emotional level, certainly not for profit.

The Opel GT is my favorite car of all time. However, it would be a horrible first project car due to costs and time spent waiting for things to come in the post. Hence my bunny.
Hijack: speaking of bunnies...there's a A1 cabrio in the parking garage here, covered in dust. No rust, ragtop looks brand new. I don't think (s)he's officially selling, but its summer, and it hasn't left the spot since I first saw it. Anyone interested?

Tried to look up what the crap the Opel GT looks like and came up with a Californian Opel GT parts store :thumbup: Wonder if it'd be any good
compre to our passat these parts are pretty inexpensive :lol: LOL
Opel GT's are too cool!

10 g's! Holy crap, where have I been? I still think this could be reasonable and very unique project car.

IIR their are quite a few interchangable parts with other Euro and GM cars. I think the Manta and the GT were the same underneath? They also had a Buick Opel for awhile. Pretty basic engine also, but I think it was an OHC. It's been ages, but I had a few friends with these and use to help them wrench on them many moons ago.

Here's some photos for those that don't know....

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