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OK, I've done some reading - the search function is a bit tough to deal with. I recently bought a 2001 GLX V6 5-speed, LOVE the car. I'm looking to make it a bit more fun - but searches for v6 mods or anything similar don't return much info. I know the bolt patterns for rims and tire sizes - so don't need that info - but anything else or suggestions of what has worked well for you would be good.

As a suggestion - perhaps a second forum for V6ers wouldn't be bad - seeing that the common forum is dominated with 1.8t info - most of which doesn't pertain to the V6 - except for some of those AWESOME looking body kits that I've seen - RIGHT ON!!!!!! :bow:

Thanks everyone in advance - looking forward to many fun years as a VW owner! :lol:

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get the pulley in the group buy, it ends April 5th, so hurry. Other than that, talk to Nenad. There isn't much, but his is putting out around 240hp without the supercharger he just purchased. I'm trying to get there, but it's a long battle. Check on a GIAC chip. Seems like the only one that will really add hp.

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There are some more mods on market, ask Julianfang.... :bow:

digi-tec chip
FPR adjusted on 5 bars (stock in Passat is 4 bar)
ASP lightened crank pulley(not underdriven),P/S pulley,alternator pulley
APR front snub mount
BMC CDA 85-150
Neuspeed 8mm silicon wires
HKS Iridium plugs (for summer) heat range 7
NGK BKR6EKUB (for winter)
Front- 320x28mm 2-piece drilled, with 4pot monoblock calipers 36/40-Brembo,Pagid pads
Rear- stock size Zimmermann driled+Mintex red box pads
All lines steel
full Supersprint,no cats.Kit for A6 V6 Quattro
Front-Koni yellow set on 1/2 turn+ 1BE VW sport springs(-20mm)+32mm sway bar+4point upper strut bar
Rear-Koni yellow set on 1/4 of turn+1BE springs from VW+ 17mm sway (from B5.5)
Transmission Stabilizer Bar from ASP
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