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I've tried searching for lots of translations but can't seem to fine a good list. Can someone point me in the right direction, or could we do with starting a list ? The vast number of American members have lots of good advice to offer, but some of the terminology can be confusing for us Brits / Euros.

US V's English

rotor = disc
sedan = saloon
variant = estate
quart = 0.94635295 litre

this probably could go on and on and on and ......

or am I on my own on this one ?

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hoypinoy1234 said:
Oh, you could go on and on with that list. Even non-car related stuff.

elevator = lift
TV = telly
fat, anoying, Texan woman = cow :p
I was think of just B5 stuff, but I appreciate the comments. lol.

Damn, You reminded me of that awful woman again.

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I have no idea what that green "woodie" is but it has a certain charm.

I think the idea of a translation of some terms is useful. I had puzzled for a (short) while as to the meaning of "rotor". In my day the rotor was the thing inside the distributor cap for distributing the spark. Now that I have a Tdi i don't worry about such things.

Best wishes

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Here's one:

UK vs. US

aerial = antenna ("aerial" used regionally in the past but has faded from use)
bonnet = hood
boot = trunk
car park = parking lot
car silencer = muffler
cats eyes = reflectors (embedded in road)
central reservation = median
clock = odometer
demister = defroster
diversion = detour
driving license = driver's license
dual carriageway = divided highway
dumper truck = dump truck
flyover = overpass
fourway = crossroads
full lights = high beams
gear box = transmission
gear lever = gear shift
hire car = rental car
indicators = turn signals
lights dipped = low beams
motorway = freeway (Western U.S.) expressway (Eastern U.S.) Interstate See Notes
orbital = beltway (Eastern U.S.)
petrol = gasoline, gas
propeller shaft = drive shaft
recovery = towing
roundabout = circle, rotary (New England)
straight = straightaway (as at a race track)
top up = fill up, top off See Notes
transmission = power train
turning left = left turn
turning right = right turn
tyre = tire
unmade road = dirt road, unpaved road
windscreen = windshield
window heater = defroster
wing = fender

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not car related, but don't foget:

mom = mum
period = full stop
rubber = condom
color = colour

I know when i'm over in Tx, they love words like brilliant & excellent that we use
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