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Updated w/ pix: Neuspeed springs lowered more than usual?

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Is it just me, or does my car look lower than usual for Neuspeed Sports?

The job:

Man, it was a hell of a lot harder to install suspension than I thought it would be. And it didn't help that the garage was 90 degrees the whole time :evil: My buddy helped out and provided the tools and garage, I'd say I did half of the work. It took two full days (took some long breaks) or about 10 working hours. It was just problem after problem... rusted bolts, missing tools, hard-to-fit shocks, slow air tool = manual compression AND de-compression of old AND new springs = 8 compression jobs and 8 de-compression jobs. But hey, it's all said and done now and I'm happy.

The drop:

I think it was already 1.75" lower as soon as all four tires touched the ground without jacks, and I'm kinda nervous right now b/c I know these springs will probably settle and lower a bit more. I didn't want two full inches :nervous: But hey, oh well! I'm sure as hell not going to spend another weekend on suspension work. I still have the stock Wellingtons and Conti tires so my car doesn't look too hot. I have yet to scrape over any speed humps or sudden inclines, so the lower than expected drop isn't that big a deal after all I guess. I'll probably be glad it's low as hell IMO once it's got some bigger wheels to set it all off.

The ride:

Holy shit the handling ROCKS. It feels more like a German luxury sports car now, exactly as I had hoped. My ass no longer lifts off my seat when I make a hard turn. The comfort is mostly still there at 1/2 turn from full soft on the front, full soft rears. I think this is b/c I still have the stock 195/65 tires. Too bad the stock Contis are crap and have no stick to them whatsoever, they squeal like a bitch on every aggressive turn. Over all I'm very satisfied with the handling.

The question:

For those who are lowered 1.5-2.0", did you need or get an alignment of any kind of adjustment afterward?



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Get that mug aligned before you make any judgements...

My B5 looked waaay too low after installing HR's, but after an alignment looked quite nice.

Newsflash . . . alignment doesn't change ride height or anything that can be visually detected . . . .

Its best to wait a little bit before doing the alignment so the suspension can fully settle.

How long is "a little bit"? How long does it take for a suspension to fully settle?

Thad. :D
i waited two weeks . . .

looks hot as hell dropped :thumbup:
Looks nice.
I doubt it will settle much more than it already has... don't worry about it.

Get the alignment done in a week or so.

Jimmy :)
you have bad winters in your area? good luck. My buddy has been a snowplow in the winter with that same setup.
That drop looks the same as I got. Be careful going over those speed bumps :nervous:
I wish I had your problem. I installed HR OE Sports and the drop is barely noticeable. I even had my car next to an identical one and compared . The front you can tell, the rear looks the same.
blakwag said:
Not too low at all. It looks perfect :thumbup:
Exactly, it looks great.
Looks almost identical (maybe slightly less drop) to my H&R Sports with Bilsteins.

You will have to watch the big speed bumps, but everyone else will admire your car as you poke over them. :D

"Whoever invented speed bumps, I'm pretty sure he wasn't German."

To your question: I was also advised by my pro installer (Fab in Long Beach, CA) to wait a couple weeks before alignment, and it didn't need much adjustment if any.

As someone told me, "enjoy your daily drive a little bit more." :thumbup:
Thank you all for the compliments. Still wondering if an alignment is really necessary for just a moderate drop like this. Isn't it more of a camber adjustment issue when you drop a car, not so much an alignment?

The winters aren't too bad in the mid-Atlantic, so I'm not too worried about that. Just a few inches here and there for the most part.

Oh I'll be careful. Don't you worry about MY paranoid ass!
gnosis said:
Thank you all for the compliments. Still wondering if an alignment is really necessary for just a moderate drop like this. !
15K miles and $700 in tires later, you will wish you did an alignment.
Gee, let me think about that one... yeah, okay I think an alignment in the near future is in order. :)
gee, wash those wheels!! yea that is kinda low, but with bigger wheels it will look amazing i'm sure. nice job on the diy! :thumbup:
LOL, I was waiting for someone to say something about the dirty wheels! I finally got around to cleaning them earlier today, so those photos no longer accurately depict my ride. :lol:
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