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Underhood rhythmic rattling

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I've read a bit on underhood noises and have learned to be afraid of any that involve tensioners. I'm not sure what this one is, though, as it's loudest near the front of the engine close to the alternator. The noise is quite rhythmic.

Does it sound normal for a 110K motor, or should I be running, not walking, to the dealer?

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I just noticed that the sound isn't very evident until the last 5 seconds or so of the video. Lucky that it's just 12 seconds total.

I'm getting ready to try the front brakes myself for the first time. I think this noise might be some part of me chickening out and looking for an excuse to go to a mechanic instead.
How old is the timing belt? I would start by removing the upper timing belt cover and see if the noise is louder. If so, the tensioner may be shot.
Thanks PZ,
I had the timing belt done at 75K, so it's about 35K old. I had the tensioner replaced at that time, too. Would the noise be loudest near the front right of the engine with a timing belt tensioner?
With the cover on, it's really hard to tell where the noise comes from when they go bad. The serpentine belt tensioner or a/c belt tensioner can also go bad, but they canbe tested by removing the belt and seeing if the noise stops.
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