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Ok, first problem is with my KW v1's, they are seized up. I tried to adjust the height and i was able to unlock the smaller ring, but the larger ring wouldn't budge, i sprayed it with pb too, but it reached the point where i was bending the adjustment hooks... Do i just take it somewhere and have them take the whole shock out?

Alright, second problem: My brullen exhaust tips look like they have been set on fire, the ends are black. I went to vw and i have an oil leak above the camshaft, could the oil leak be causing this? or is this unrelated. It is possible that i have an exhaust leak, if so it would be extremely small though.


Lisa Simpson
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The oil leak could be blackening the tips. Can you clean it off?

On the coilovers, this is not the right way, but you can heat them up a bit. A hair dryer should be safe. It will help draw the PBBlaster into the threads and help them release. Do not use a torch unless you are very experienced with heat control.
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