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Two Pics, Two Words (not 56K friendly)

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(Been wanting to take pics of this in the work parking lot for a long time...)

Ha Ha
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First time I saw it I was like "WTF?"

I do admit its better then rust, but do you really want to advertise Drum brakes? Fail on Toyota for cheaping out.....
I would crap on him more for not using wheel locks

How about the dodge ram in the back with a Windsock on his radio thats funny!!!:p:poke::lol::lol:

Now theres the Fail! That's the Airport Windsock about 50yds behind the Truck. KLGB....I work for Boeing there.....

Yeah, was thinking about why not paint it black myself awhile back. No Rust (I always paint the hats of my Brembo's Black on my M for the same reason) to see then.

The Post was not intended as a bash, but it sure raises questions in your mind when you see something like that....

20vvillian - you should see the original. DSLR's FTW.....Just 10min before I was shooting our first ever delivery of a C-17 to a Middle Eastern Customer - Qatar. It was a big thing for them and us.....
What's going on with this guy's headlight, anyways? Looks like its bulging.
Go look at a Camray from the same angle....they all bulge these days....
1 - 4 of 31 Posts
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