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I posted before about getting hit in the front, it happened around 10pm-1am. There was minimal damage, just the liscence plate holder and the plastic bit were damaged. I asked you guys for some advice, then I left.

I went to my buddies house to help him install some stuff he just received for his Jeep. I parked outside of his house. We were working in his garage and we were inside a lot to get tools and what not. I was going to go grab some zipties, and what do you know? The entire front driver side panel is bashed in and the drivers door is all screwed up. It definately looks like their neighbor backed out of their driveway and their bumper ripped up the car, and the rear end and tailights caught some of it too. I even found 2 pieces that broke off the tailight. I called my dad and I drove home and we called the cops, then insurance. The cop is going over there now to talk to them.

:mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:

Two hit and runs in one day. What the hell is that?

The cop went over there and talked to them. Their son backed out and, of course, didn't know what to do. The cop called me, and gave me their number. He said they will take care of any damages now. At least we found the guy.
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