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Hi to all,
I've just bought on the e-bay a VW/Audi TV Tuner PN. 4D0 919 164B. I've check it and works fine. Now I whish to buy the external input connecot add-on that allo to the tuner also other two external A/V inputs.
Now analizing the pin-out connector of the TV TUNER (54pin soket) I see that there are complete A/V 2 analog inputs (Composite video and SVHS video) but on the equipped connector that can be found on the internet are present ONLY the videocomposite connectors.

Now the questions are two:
1) Are anybody never tested the SVHS Input ?

2) Is possible to switch automatically on the external input (1 or 2) by an external signal (i.e. reverse signal to activate a back camera) ?

Thanks a lot to all ad sorry for my bad english.

Merry Christmas!

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