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Trumpets for Sale

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Geoff, you might also contact the music teachers at the local highschools...they'll know kids looking to step up.
That must be some real NICE trumpets...I would suggest ebay, that way your market is the entire USA. my 2 cents.
Ya, I'm trying a few places 1st. After the posting fees and the winning fees from ebay, I will only keep 850.00 if I sell the horns for $1,000.00. Ebay has a calculator that lets projects what the cost will be.

This will be my last resort.

I have updated the sale online:
Bach 37 ML professional trumpet

and the Yamaha,
Yamaha 6310z Bobby Shew Trumpet
Both of them are sold.
Good to hear bro!
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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