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transmission fluid

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2005 Passat gls TDI
I just drained my transmission fluid and it looked like new motor oil or the color of new motor oil., it was also clean looking. Is there a transmission fluid that is the color of motor oil or was mine just burnt? When I dropped the pan it was clean and the magnets had normal mush on them and the fluid did not smell bad. I just bought the car and found a receipt in the owner's manual where the transmission was replaced in 2016.
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Trans fluid should be red colored, not brown. When it is black, it is burnt and bad. You can't get it all out unless the system is flushed. It was probably burnt before the last change, so the leftover bad fluid in the system colored the new red fluid brown.
This is NOT correct. The OEM fluid is not red, it is an amber color. See below on the left:

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