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Hi all - I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

I almost had one. :)

I was driving back from NYC on Thursday afternoon. I came off the light (not hard acceleration) and when it tried getting into the next highest gear (4th or 5th), it flared and never engaged. PRND432 was lit up and I hobbled home the four miles. I checked for codes when I got there and although no engine codes, P0735 came up (gear 5 incorrect ratio).

Here's a bit o' history: Two weeks previous, I went into my local transmission shop and told him I needed another fluid/filter change. The last one he did was at 180K and now it's at 300K. I told him that reverse seemed to engage twice (once 'partially' and the second more convincingly), so he questioned whether the fluid level was correct. I also told him it was rare that the shift would chunk into a higher gear on acceleration (namely 3rd/4th or 4th/5th).

So I took it to him early in the day on Friday and when I got there at 4 p.m., he had just finished filling it (it took less than a quart of fluid). We took it for a test drive; at the 3rd-to-4th shift, it flared and PRND432 lit up again. We grabbed his diag box, cleared the codes and went for another drive. It indicated the correct gear for the shifter and what was actually happening. Again a 3rd/4th flare without engaging. This time, a P0734 came up (gear 4 incorrect ratio), but not the P0735.

The reason I'm writing the post is to go to work on the car (dry out the TCM under the seat if it's wet) while you fine folks speculate what is wrong or could be. I'm hoping that you'll come up with a solution I can try or may have overlooked while I'm looking at something other than a monitor (with 20+ windows open).

The transmission shop guy is well respected and knows his stuff. I simply want to rule out things like a MAF cleaning, a wet TCM or something minor before I go and spend $2K on a rebuilt. I'm assuming he only filled the transmission and didn't pull off the cover. If that's the case, he didn't test the solenoids or get a look at the general condition of it. I don't fault him for that because he probably wanted to see what adding oil did for the immediate problem.

Any help is appreciated!
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