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transmission/clutch issues

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So I pulled up to a stop sign today, tried to put the car in first to go....nothing....couldn't even get it to move. So, i shut the car off, sat for a second to calm my nerves down (no one likes when this stuff happens), and tried again. This time barely able to get it in first, but just enough to go, carefully shifted into second and limped home at 35 mph. Thankfully I was only 1/2 mile away from the house or so. What gives? Obviously I need to get it fixed, but what is the most likely culprit? Any idea of what the price range will be? I'm pretty sure it's the clutch, since after I parked it, the clutch stayed all the way to the floor when i got off it. The car runs fine, i just can't go anywhere and of course i'm freakin out because I don't have any money right now. :puke:

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1.8T Manual
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may be just a slave cylinder.
you had no slipping correct?
yeah no slipping or anything, it just stopped working. :p I started it up this morning and you can "feel" how loose the clutch is. I tried to put it in first gear this morning, and you could feel the clutch vibrating slightly.
I found a local place that specializes in european cars, so i'm going to have to drop it off there. Hopefully it is just the slave cylinder, since that part alone would cost me all of 60-80 bucks. If not....meah..... :banghead:
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