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My first Passat just joined the herd of other assorted cars in my driveway. I have owned countless bugs, type II's even a Porsche 914, and currently a 98 Jetta TDI that is up to 322k. The Jetta runs great, but had the rear end rearranged by a Tahoe at Christmas time. I'm going ot fix it myself, so I just bought a Passat "beater" to drive while the Jetta gets a facelift. The passat is a 2000 4Motion wagon with that monsterous 30 valve V6. I bought it knowing it has problems, but the price was very attractive. It runs great but will simply shut down when the motor gets warmed up (10-20 miles down the road). The guy I bought it from thinks it's the crank sensor, but....

So, I joined this forum to make some friends and hopefully get advice on the new/old Passat. Looking forward to it, and my required second post is on the way.

Thanks in advance,
Rick B.
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