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So, I am driving up to Martinsville, VA from Daytona Beach, FL on Sunday. While I wish it could be in my B5 Passat, I'm stuck taking my work car up there (a 2010 Accord). I was wondering if anyone knew the best way to go? Mapquest and Google both give me two different routes. Both take me into South Carolina on I-95, then they branch from there.

One has me going 95 up to SC-38, and then taking 38 to I-74, then I-74 to I-40, and then I-40 to US220/NC-68, and then 220 into Martinsville.

The other has me go 95 up to I-26, then 26 to I-77, then 77 to I-85, then 85 to US 158, then 150 to US 220, and then 220 into Martinsville.

I don't get out of Florida much, so I want to enjoy the drive as much as I can, but still get there in a timely manner.

Any suggestions?
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