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I live in Seattle, where most of the winter is spent driving in rain, except for weekends where I drive up to the mountains for skiing. My one and only current car is a '98 Passat 1.8T FWD which is on its last legs at ~250k miles. I will probably be looking for a new AWD vehicle in the spring but might keep this as a beater car after that.

I currently have installed some 15" steelies with a very old set of Hankook i*cept winter tires which still have adequate thread on them; and while they work great in the dry, they totally blow in the rain and pretty bad in the snow. I also have a old set of 16" alloys with some worn out DWS06 tires on them. Those were actually great in the rain and snow while they were new, but wore out fairly quickly and I would not drive them in the snow at all now.

So, thinking of either putting some kind of A/S (DWS06 once again, or Michelin A/S 3+) or all-weather tires (Michelin Crossclimate+) on the 16" wheels for year-round travel that would still be good for going up to the ski mountain on weekend or trying something like the Michelin X-ice 3 on the 15" which would work much better for the snow, but would probably be bad for the 75% of my daily commutes during the winter which are in the rain.

Anyone in the PNW area who could offer some advice on the DWS06 vs A/S 3+ vs Crossclimate+ as a year-round tire which would do very well in the rain and provide sufficient traction and safety in the snow in the mountains until I would require chains? Any good winter tires that are not compromised in the rain?

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