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Hello guys,

I've been looking around on tyrestretch and the vortex trying to figure out the perfect setup for my daily driver :driving:

I live in New England, I already have dedicated General Snow tires and will just need my summer setup

car - 02 passat awm sedan
wheel size - most likely 17x8.5f/9.5r
offset - +45, but will run 15mm spacers to get it to +30
suspension - ST coilovers this season and v2s next season, will not be slammed completely its my daily but i do want to lower it significantly, already had my front fenders rolled as well as have a thor skid plate :wrench:

I was thinking 205 45 on the fronts and 235 45 on the rears. I was looking at either Conti DW or yokohama s drives, since I had them last summer and really felt they were good performers for the money. also, saw a bunch of pics of them on tyrestretch and they seem to stretch good

Post your pics and advice!

Thanks in advance,
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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