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With the weather starting to cool off I wanted to go over tire air pressure. Tire pressure has a huge factor on Ride comfort, performance, gas mileage ect.

Most tires loose 1 psi of pressure per month as the air permeates through the rubber. This is normal. Tires loose 1 psi of pressure aprx. for every 10 degrees the temptaure falls. For example if the the last time you checked your tires was in July and it was 90 degrees out side and the next time you check your pressure is in November and its 40 degrees outside. For example lets say you started with 35 psi. When you check your tires in Nov the pressure will now be around 26 psi. Loosing 4 psi though permeation and 5 in tempature change.

Also always set your tire pressure first thing in the morning before driven on if possible.

I highly recommend checking your air pressure every 2 weeks it one of the best/cheapest ways to keep your tire performance.:D

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