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Tinting my sedan's rear glass(windshield)

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02 1.8t passat. I replaced my rear glass which was vandalized. And the glass came with the company shade. I am trying to tint just my rear glass. I found a guy who is ready to do the tinting for only the rear glass for $50. I was wondering if this is the good price i am paying for just the back glass. I know his work, he has done a great job on my car before, but he has done that when my car was owned by my previous owner.
If any one would know the well about the prices on tinting the windows. I would really appreciate the suggestions coz i have already spend $300 on replacing the new glass and I don't want to get ripped off by the prices that i don't know.
Thanks in Advance!
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That seems more than fair -- I wouldn't cheap out on the tint, anyway. Nothing like a bubbly back window to ruin your day...

You might ask him if he plans to go in and remove the 3rd brake light ... if not (many places don't), you'll end up with a non-tinted red cyclops look. You can search around the forum for some help on what needs to be removed for a back window tint job if you want to avoid this.

Good luck!
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