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Timing belt off a tooth?? sound wierd, maybe, maybe not

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Ok today I changed the timing belt with a full kit from ECS. I put the engine at TDC using the cam sprocket marks ( just lazy and didn't want to wipe the dirt off the lower timing belt cover yet ) So everything went well and I eventually cleaned the crud off the lower cover to expose the timing mark. When I went to install the crank pully it was off the mark!! I didn't think much of it and figured I must have bumped it. After setting the proper timing I reassembled everything and started the car! Hmmm sounds good I thought, lets go for a test ride. Well here was the big difference. Before it sounded like it had an exhaust leak, now it's way quieter. Before power was ok but now it's quicker. Before I never felt the turbo really kick in now I really hear and feal the turbo. Before I had to really be soft on the gas to get about 26mpg now driving aggressive I get 25mpg. I've only ever driven this Passat so I never knew any better. Hear is some other info I've only owned the car 3 months and I've had the plug fouls on me. It's had the timing belt replaced before, now the car has 112,000 miles. Bolts were missing from items such as lower timing belt cover, top cover cracked, bolts missing from plastic front end. All this leads me to think that the person who did the belt before was a hack.

I'm an aircraft mechanic by trade and a Jeep restorer by hobby.

I was very careful not to turn the cam or crank during the change.

I know the 1.8T is an interfearance engine (i don't know how to spel)

What do you think is it possible???
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Very possible becasue I had the same problem. I've had all kinds of problems with my car - CEL, poor boost, poor gas mileage and so on. We could not find the problem. At 60k miles while changing timing belt my mechanic called me and he said that he finally found the problem, the timing belt was off a tooth. After changing the timing belt I felt like I drove a new car. No more problems what so ever...
one tooth is 8 degrees of advance/retard which is a hell of a lot, yes the 1.8t is an inteferance engine, but 1 tooth shouldn't cause contact.

glad to hear your cars running good :thumbup:
Maybe your were running limp until you disconnected and reconnected the battery (the battery was disconnected, right?)
No I didn't disco the battery, I had just cleaned the TB last week and adapted it with a Vag-Com. We also pulled codes I had and cleared them.

Cleaning the TB helped the idle alot, I couldn't believe all the carbon built up. Much worse that any photos I've seen here at :b5: . Maybe that why it was so dirty?

Thanks, I'm glad it's running good too 8)
Don't get me wrong, I'm not crying airbag or anything :lol: , but aren't you running the risk of triggering your airbags if you are removing the front end?
As long as you don't :poke: the sensors it's ok...but this is my opinion and experiance. I'm sure if I had light off the airbag I'd be pissed and wishing I had disco'd the batt
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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