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I'm in West side Olympia. My stepdad and I have basically the same car. Him, a 2003 1.8T passat B5.5 with tip, me a 2004 1.8T Passat Wagon 5MT. Both need timing belt jobs, but his is far more urgent.

I HAD a VW technician friend, but due to being military, he's moving to Spokane at the end of this month. He WAS going to help with the TB job, but now he can't. He's going to be preparing for the move all month.

I'm hoping for someone who has a free weekend and an open garage(I live in an apartment and thus am limited as to what work I can do because I have only a parking lot). I have all or most of the tools needed for the job, aside from possibly something to lock the crank and cam sprockets, and something to drain old coolant into.

I have all the parts needed for the job as well.
Timing belt, AC and serpentine belts, water pump with metal impeller, thermostat and housing, roller, tensioner and 3L of G13 coolant concentrate.
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