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Time for a fun car...need help

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my wife and i want something fun - a sporty (fast) convertible. her acura rl is too serious and my b5 is not fast enough or a convertible. heh.

so i was thinking of a boxster (99 or 00) considering my budget is about $25k. she'd prefer a 98-00 m3 convertible. cost is about the same. obviously spending less works too.

what would you pick between the two and is there something else anyone would suggest?


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M3 sounds tasty....a Miata with a blower or a 5.0 sounds more tasty, at least to my ******* mechanic ears...
Honda S2000 and you could get one new for 6k-7k more than your budget or a year or two old one right in that budget mark.
Boxster sounds good. :) You'll never be able to replicate the mid engined roadster with any other layout.
Ohhhh, I do love those S-2000....what a handler.

And the shifter is as close to God as I'll ever be....
what about a TT convertable? but the M3 sounds very nice as well
I heard Mini Cooper is coming out with a drop top. I heard the Cooper S are awesome little cars.
Sharky said:
Ohhhh, I do love those S-2000....what a handler.

And the shifter is as close to God as I'll ever be....
My sister owns one - she really thinks the world of it and she's pretty picky.
Hmm, I am of two minds.

A Mini Cooper S convertible would rock (a Tennis student of mine is getting one for her sweet 16 :roll: :weirdo: )

But I have loved the S2000 since FOREVER. As Sharky Said, the shifter rocks, and you can probably get one a year or so old for around your price range. That, combined with the Honda reliability..I am gonna vote S2K :thumbup: . A shame the new Pontiac Solstice wont be out for a year though... :mad:
vw guys showing hondas love.
there must be a problem w/ my encryption.
I'll also give a nod to the S2000. It would be my pick based on your criteria. The also look really good with some tasteful mods.
How about you save a little bit of money and just get a last generation 328 convertible. That is the best looking 3-series ever.
M3, TT, Miata, Boxter, S2000, those are hard cars to choose between
wow - s2000 never crossed my mind. 25k is the most i want to spend and i would like to spend less so i can mod it a little (maybe that is unavoidable anyway!).

hmmmm...maybe a test drive will help clear my head. my initial thoughts are it sure seems tough to beat out german engineering in the boxster and the m3. could a honda really be the best choice given my sure would be worry free. too much to think about.

Go drive a Miata. If the rest of those cars even come close, the price will decide for you. The S2K is too rev-happy for me, but the Miata is as close as it gets to true roadster fun without the hassles of Lucas electrical bits. Mmmmmmm Miata. :bow:
What about the new Mazda Speed Miata ? I hear those are significantly faster than the old ones (no, not as fast as a Boxster or M3, but very "peppy" from what I have heard), and handle very very well. Kinda small, but a sporty drop top (and also brand new and under warranty!).

I have never driven the Boxster or the M3 convertable, but I would imagine either one of them would be an awesome car to own.
I didn't think the Non-S boxter was that fast :???:
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