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Throttle response

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Just wondering if there is any way that I can get better response. Chipping it but just wondering if there is any way to enhance the response time also
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Can try installing a Sprint Booster. It does not enhance the performance limits of the car, but will definitely enhance the throttle response. I am using a similar device, Velocity, and I find the enhancement is really good :)
A cheap and effective way; only thing is, if set to max (there are 4 levels of setting for mine), the car will really go WILD :p .... sure to wheel spin on start if not careful.
Can try if you don't intend to enhance performance limits, but just wish to enhance the throttle response. Check out the reviews on Youtube. :)
Thanks yall. I am looking at upgrading my rotors and braking systems. So I was just going for look. But will look hard at lightweight. Ordering my chip this weekend so that should help with performance. 70 bucks with 60 hpw and about 7 more mpg.
May I know chip you getting for just 70 bucks? Can recommend please?
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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