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Thread about creating bootable disc with vds-pro and ms-dos

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Hello dear passatworld users!
I recently about vds-pro and some features that can only be activated with it(I have hex+can cable but the modifications I want to make need vds-pro).
So basically I have old laptop with serial port and rs232 cable and the challenging part for me is creating bootable disc with these two programs and I really need help from somebody who has done it.

Thanks in advance for anyone's help.
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I've done it - it's been a while, but, wasn't hard. Nice little utility called Rufus can be used to create an MS-DOS-based bootable flash drive (your laptop is at least new enough to boot from USB, yes?); you'll then copy VDS-Pro to a folder in the root of that flash drive.

I would highly suggest that you also grab a copy of EasyCCM, too, and put that on the flash drive. Even if you don't use EasyCCM to make any changes to the CCM data, it makes it very easy to back up the CCM before you make any changes, and to restore it if you, ah, make a bad change that you didn't document properly.

Rufus: Index of /downloads
EASYCCM (good mirror for EasyCCM)
Additional CCM coding and configurations with VDS Pro (epic coding thread)

Might I ask what changes you were looking to make? I have a bunch of stuff documented for the B5.5 (1C0-) CCM here.
Another very good tool is the kw1281test software, which is free and I've used it many times to do mods to the CCM and clusters on my b5.5 passats and Mk4 golf.
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