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Those pesky lower links!!!!!!

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Anyone know where I can get instructions on how to change my lower links on my 1999 B5? I've got some serious shimmying and noise going on in my front end.
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Are you talking about the sway bar links, the steering links or the control arms? :???:
Sway bar link set. :???:
Oh! Easy as pie! Get the replacements from Call them once you get them to tell you which one is the left and which is the right one or look at some of the pics on this website.

The whole job took me 1/2 hr.

Place front wheels on ramps (wheels must be loaded, not unloaded as with jackstands).

Squirt some Liquid Wrench or similar on the nuts and bolts and let it sit for 10 mins.

Take the old ones off (2 bolts). Some people have had to cut them off, but I had no problem at all.

Put the new links/bolts on and torque the link to stabilizer to 66 ft/lb and link to control arm to 52 ft/lb. I also sprayed the rubber after installation with silicone spray to preserve from cracking and I'll do that every 5000 miles or so (as I do all the suspension rubber).
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Thank you so much. I have already ordered the parts from ECSTuning. We'll see how it goes.
Wow, ericpeterman, you were lucky. It took me 8 hours and a trip to my mechanic to swap my sway bar links out. :mad:

Scarbs, you've now heard the extremes. :)
I read your story. Yikes! At some point you must've been thinking, "I guess I'm replacing the control arm too." It probably depends on the environment the car was in. In our area the temps are moderate, not too moist, and little salt.
It didnt take me that long, maybe 5 hours. I was also doing upper control arms as well. The arrows are on the links. Which ever way the arrow points, is where the link is to towards the front of the car.

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