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This one is dedicated to Chas and S_Klass

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In the words of Baisee, "w00t w00t!" :D I picked up everything at my girlfriends moms apartment today. Imagine me, walking through Queens, with this stuff in those rolling carts that old ladies use for groceries:

I budgeted for this since last year. I knew I would need new shocks and springs eventually because my ride is so floaty. Then this GB came along and it was too good to pass up. Thanks Chas and S_Klass. w00t! :lol:

**Shameless plug**
That futon in the background is FREE! Yes people, that is the same futon that touched my new suspension parts. And the futon can be yours for FREE. Just pick it up yourself. w00t! :weirdo:
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4meezy said:
i think we should make ''the shocker'' the official cb5 wave (like the jeep wragler wave)

I second that. All in favor?

RL331 said:
Nice Jeff, so when is the big install? Congrats, can't wait to see it!

The only thing I can say to you when you get these on is avoid the stretch of the BQE between the Kosciuszko and the split to the Williamsburg and SI - whenever I go thru there, I swear I have to retorque every bolt on the car!
Thanks Ricky. I can't wait to get it installed. I'm waiting for Flippped to get his so we can make an appointment with Bel. But I'm not sure if I can get it installed before the end of June because my Saturdays are filled from now till the end of June.

BTW, I know that stretch of the BQE you're talking about. It's bad enough with my stock suspension!
2000Passat1.8TS said:
mmmmm...Yellow adjustable Konis? Good choice. I've got mine adjusted 1.5 turns from full soft and love 'em. Are these Sof sport Neuspeeds springs or the full Sports?

Hope you get them installed in time for the BBB3.

Hey Sam, these are the SofSports. I was afraid of being too slammed and bottoming out in these crappy roads. I'll definitely see you at the GTG. I'll be a little late though.
AngeloB5.5 said:
I am in Queens and i do installs also. I have done my own Bilstein/ Eibach install along with many others. Just to show how mechanical I am, I also did my own FMIC, EFK, Snub Mount, Exhaust with downpipe, intake, etc..
the list goes on.
I also recently did a motor swap from a 98 golf into a 89 A2 jetta.

I dont want to step on bel's toes but if he is unavailable I work out of my garage on weekends.
Thanks for the offer! Where in Queens is your shop? Are you comming out to the GTG on June 13th?
1 - 5 of 20 Posts
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