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This is what i'm getting rid of for the B5.5...

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selling the EVO, and trading in the Jetta on the Passat... I'd love to keep the EVO, :cry: but we're looking into getting into a new house in a few years and i don't need the car payment...

I'll post some more pics of the Evo... let me know what you think...
Killer FMIC! Looks a little exposed though!
keep the jetta and trade the evo!!! :bow:
Rock&Roll :thumbup: but don't worry, you will be on time for EVO XII
EVO is hot and the Jetta well good your trading it for a B5.5 :lol:
Evolution is probably too rough after the refined Passat. :lol:
the Evo is rough after driving the Jetta... the Jetta on an Eibach ProSystem was like a luxury ride after getting out of the Evo... of course i last had a set of Cusco ZeroR's on her... :lol:
AceConrad said:
Killer FMIC! Looks a little exposed though!
there is a black metal mesh protecting it... it just does it's job without being seen... ;)
you couldn't ask for a better looking set of wheels on that car. looks phenomenal. boy i'd love to have one!
98PassatPimpin said:
I will trade me passat for your evo? :thumbup:
i'll get back to you on that one... ;)
Hey A-Tilla, do u go to if so i visit clubsi too, OT forum.
oh yeah... :thumbup:
1 - 17 of 17 Posts
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