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Hey all,
I was able to pick-up a few parts, install a couple and am currently waiting for more parts.

Installed so far..

South Performance boost guage/steering pod w/no buzz T fitting. (Not sure why they say "No buzz" cause it buzz's everytime I get on it. Oh well - it was annoying the first day now I can't even notice!) Please make sure when you do attempt to install a guage disconnect battery & use in-line fuse.

Things that Need to be address..

(Thanks to my now sold "325whp deathbird" 96 Eagle Talon Tsi AWD :cry: - I fab up a boost leak tester with PCV,hose coupler/clamp, & nozzle from air compressor - Home depot. Anyway I did a test on the beotch and sure enough there is a fat leak - notorious "F" hose!

Timing Belt needs to be replaced - while I'm in might as well tackle waterpump!

TIP seems to be alright but will be scrapped anyway 710 valve will be replace as well.

Aside from all the under hood problems. I'm happy to report the exterior/interior are in great shape. Lately my wife has been commuting with the beotch & has requested to install brighter headlights. Perfect just keep giving me excuses to by more s#!t for the beotch! HID's here we come!

Left overs!...

Sadly we're due for new sticker plates and E-test. So before all modding brakes loose - that will be first on the list.

Thank u's to the peeps for taking a peep at my madness. stay tuned posting pics of install, parts etc...

Happy Boosting!:D
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