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Ok to make a long story short, Last night I was in an Acura TSX with one of my friends. We were driving to our friends house after cross country practice.(Keep in mind that I senseless1707 was in the passenger seat) As we were driving along we come to the street where our friend lives on. As we are turning we don't see the car that is coming and it t-bones us, running us into a stop sign and maybe a foot from a telephone pole.(thank god we didn't hit it).

As i look over to my left, i see all these airbags covering my side of the car windows and i'm thinking to myself why did they go off when the car who hit us just caught the tail end of the car. Not thinking anything of it, i get out of the car on the driver side becasue my door frame is completly smashed and i can't get out. I go around to the passenger side of the car and it is pretty much caved in where my feet go and the glove box was completly smashed.

I don't want to bore you with a big long story but pretty much the focus of this thread is to say that in the situation that i was in and what i experienced last night was that Acura's are VERY safe cars. I know they aren't the safest ones out there but I believe that they are at the top of the list.

Becasue of those side airbags, I think they saved me. Even though the other car wasn't going that fast, it really doesn't take that much and We were both very lucky.

Even though I know that this probably has been talked about, I know for a fact that I couldn't search up a story like this and I just wanted to give up a thread about saying that I truely like Acura's now and it really does pay to buy a car that has airbags of anykind.
I just would suggest going to the Acura website and getting familiar with the safety features of the TSX and all the other Acura's.

I'm sorry for the long thread but I just wanted to give you my two cents on Acura's and accidents. We are both ok but just a little sore. The people that hit us as we turned in front of them are ok. They got back in their car and drove off fine when the cop said it was ok to leave. We had to get the TSX towed

Thank you

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