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Thank you, Club B5!

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I have been thinking. (Yeah, I know, miracles happen) :D

In the 4+ years I have been on this forum, I have made a lot of friendships.
Even if they are with people I only physically see once a year, or with people I occasionally disagree with, I value the relationships that I have garnered in that 4 years here.

I have an account at the vortex, and several other forums, mostly Acura and Volvo related, but this is the one I always come home to.

Why? Because people here listen. I am not the "wonk" of VWs, but I do know a fair share about the cars, and when I don't, I know I can ask here and not be belittled, like some 10 post noob on the vortex would do.

I also appreciate how someone more experienced, and with 5 times the posts, does not fear asking me for info. And, I really appreciate how people who disagree with me will usually at least look at my side of an issue, usually technical issues with our cars. Even on political debates, which get heated, people do usually respond well to the idea of listening.

Even when I am wrong, I know the issue at hand will be explained in a fair and even manner, not some rambling diatribe half intended to cut me down.

All in all, it is a fun experience, and while I am looking at being away from the Passat family for a few months, I will still be here lurking and talking to all you fine folks. Expect my communication to pick up more when I get another Passat!


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SEe ya round! :thumbup:
Mark I know how you feel! The :b5: I own is my first! And I have said things here that I wished I didnt! But oh well! That is life! May I pissed some people off to, but that is the beauty of freedom of speech!

I love club b5, I love my :b5: , and the guys and girls here are the coolest around!

I wish I could say HI and THANK YOU to all who use this site, and have helped me out!

Along with Mark THANK YOU CLUB B5

Rich :wink:
Well, you know that once you do come back to CB5, it will be like coming home to mom's nice, fresh, warm apple pie. Glad that you are getting another Passat, maybe you will be one of the first US folk to post pics of his new 2005.5 Passat on the boards.

See ya 'round,
20vvillian said:
SEe ya round! :thumbup:
Perhaps I should rephase that. I am not going anywhere, I'll still be here on the forums. I just commented on not having a VAG car for a while, but I will still be here chatting with you guys and gals. And, if any GTGs take place, as long as I don't get dinged for being in the Acura :) , I'll be there!

You aren't getting rid of me that fast, guys! :wink:
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