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Since yesterday was such a nice day, I decided to back the car out of the garage into the sunlight to check which coolant temperature sensor I had since I have been getting a CEL Emissions Workshop and the code was a sporadic signal from the Coolant Temp Sensor.

The good news is I have the less-expensive (green) one that is a little less than 1/3rd the price of the blue one. (Green - CA$10, Blue - CA$35).

Well, in attempting to remove the clip, it snapped on me at one corner.

Hmmm, what to do now??? I looked around for some plastic that was close to the same thickness. I traced out the clip on some cardboard and transferred it to the plastic. With my Dremel's cutting wheel, I cut out the pattern of the clip, cleaned up the corners and VOILA! A temporary clip until I can get to the dealership.
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