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These images are basically the before shots before I do anything to my ride. I am really excited to be a part of this whole club. I just couldn't wait to post some pix even though not much has been done to my :b5:

Here is my attempt at painting my engine covers:

Here are some more pix from before the drop and before the tint:

Here are the before and afters from my drop







Mods (only cheap ones done so far)
Reactive Chrome shift knob (Free when friend bought subs from circuit city)
Kamei eyelids
OEM custom Aluminum trim (Net Optic)
1.2" Brushed Aluminum antenna
Neuspeed sport springs (Thanks S_Klass)
Monster Mats
2 12" Infinity Subs in Q-logic Box
800 watt Crunch amp
Cold cathode (Blue) Trunk light
Tinted side markers
Beltronics Radar (Hardwired)
Tinted Tails (a la Me)
Clarion HU w/ iPod hardwired
Philips Vision Plus H7
Superbright LED City Light (not yet installed)
Blue LED Dome Lights
White LED maplights
Kamei sport Grille (not yet painted and installed)
BMC Drop-in Air Filter
35% Sungard tint all around

Future Mods when funds and time become available
APR Chip 93 octane/Stock programs
18" ROH Azzurro Wheels
TT Cat back exhaust
Neuspeed sway bars
***K&N Air filer (coming next)*** - got BMC instead
***Kamei Sport Grill***
Painted lowers
Zimmerman drilled rotors w/axxis ultimates
Illuminated door handles (coming soon)
W8 Overhead console
Turbo boost gauge
Chas bar
NB sunglass holder
Neuspeed Front & Rear Sway bars
Rear NB Turbo badge

...a plethora of other things that I just can't think of right now

:cry: It sucks being broke :cry:
:crazy: Students never have any money especially Med students :crazy:
:weirdo: I'll be able to afford this stuff after I graduate :weirdo:
:mad: OH wait I'll be $150,000 in debt :mad:

Here are some mini-write ups that on stuff that I did:

Painting Engine Covers
I found that painting my engine covers actually quite exciting. It was actually quite cheap (around 10 bucks for supplies) and made a huge difference in the looks of my engine bay.
I don't know any "trade secrets", but I want to share my experience.
Disclaimer: This is the wayI did it. Below is a picture of my work. I am happy with it and nothing has gone wrong with it yet. If you like what you see you are more than welcome to try the method that I used.

Paint(I used engine enamel by Plasticote from wal mart. It is meant to stand up to higher temperatures. I am sure that this paint was not necessary, but I thought that I would be safe. I chose the closest blue that I could find to the blue in the VW emblem. I did not use clear coat, but am still thinking about doing it later. I think i may want to go for that higher gloss look.)This cost me under 4 bucks
Masking tape(I used this to mask off the 1.8T chrome part and the glossy black part. I also masked off the vent holes in the main engine cover to get a little different look,but you don't have to do this.)About 2 bucks
Sand paper(I used higher grit sandpaper that I had left over from painting my eyelids)About 2 bucks

1. Choose which covers you want to paint and remove them (I chose the ones that would not harm the car if I drove without them on)
2. On the main engine compartment carfully pry off the VW emblem
3. Clean them really well, sand them, and then clean again
4. Mask off any parts of the covers you dont want painted (i.e. 1.8T or 20V)
5. Once dry, apply the first couple of coats very lightly I have heard that some people used a blow dryer in between coats, I didn't)
6. Continue to apply as many coats as you feel necessary to achive the look you want. I reccommend 3-5 coats. I basically went until I ran out of paint.
7. Allow to dry, install, and enjoy

My advice:
-I am sure you can use any paint, I only went with the high temperature paint to be safe.
-Be creative - think of some sweet combinations of colors (I want to see Pix)
-When I did the main engine cover I pryed off the VW emblem and removed the four little screws that hold it in place before painting.
-For the air intake part remember that there are three different parts to it paint it however you wish.
-Take your time

I guess thats it.
If anyone has any questions on anything let me know (i.e. removing any parts, why I did something a certain way, whatever)

Also if there is anything that I missed or if someone has a better way of doing it please feel free to chime in.

Good Luck All.


Removing Shift Knob
First you need to lift up your shift boot. This is going to take a little force, but dont be too scurrred. pry it up and lift over the knob. You should see the one to the left in this picture:

You need to cut off the little gold ring the you see wrapped around the white plastic part you see at the top. (The OEM shift knob should have come with a new ring like this. VW uses a special tool to "crimp" this ring around the base, but I am sure that you are a creative person and can figure out a way to clamp this ring aroung the shifter. If it did not come with a new ring then DO NOT cut the ring but simply try to widen the ring so that the knob will come off. Hopefully you will see what I mean when you lift up the boot)
After the ring is cut you will be able to pull off the knob along with the boot.

Next there is a black plastic ring where the boot meets the bottom of the knob. This need to be pryed off so you can remove the boot. I had a difficult time with this, but I assure you that it does come off.

Once, that is done transfer the boot over to the new knob and replace the black plastic ring as it was on the old knob. If you get to thins point it should all be self explanatory. You are basically going to do the opposite of what you just did.

I know that this little write up is kinda of confusing, but this is the best description that i could come up with. It was more difficult than I thought it would be, but very doable. If you have any specific questions feel free to PM me or post here.
Good Luck.

If it looks like the one on the right...simply unscrew it, but I am sure you would not be asking if it was that easy.

Thad. :D

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Hey man what school you at? Tech? I am at North Georgia College in Dahlonega and I live in Cumming so I am not so far from ya. I have a 99 1.8T and I agree with the fact that students dont have time or money. I want to mod my car but I cant afford it. So far all I have is racing mats, Euroswitch, and a 1.8 badge. I plan to buy some alloys from Kauffman tire in October or November (they will be about 100 a wheel so noting real flashy and expensive), then I will paint the calipers.
I want to get a shortened antenna, a MOMO shift knob (I have the money for that so I could technically buy it today), crystal blue headlights, and some Kamei eyelids. A friend from work is suggesting a body kit but I cant find any that fit a 99. Some interior trim would be nice too.
Anyhow, happy modding.

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You car looks good man, the engine covers look top too. Your future mods are great man, keep on going.. I will see ya someday if i can make it to the ATL gtg...
I feel u about collegestudent/money situation. Medical or not, I dont have that much money to spend either and i spend alot in the car..
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