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These images are basically the before shots before I do anything to my ride. I am really excited to be a part of this whole club. I just couldn't wait to post some pix even though not much has been done to my :b5:

Here is my attempt at painting my engine covers:

Here are some more pix:

Mods (only cheap ones done so far)
1. Reactive Chrome shift knob (Free when friend bought subs from circuit city)
2. Kamei eyelids
3. OEM custom Aluminum trim (Net Optic)
4. 1.2" Brushed Aluminum antenna
5. Neuspeed sport springs (Thanks S_Klass)
6. Monster Mats
7. 2 12" Infinity Subs in Q-logic Box
8. 800 watt Crunch amp
9. Cold cathode (Blue) Trunk light
10. Tinted side markers
11. Beltronics Radar (Hardwired)
12. Tinted Tails (a la Me)
13. Clarion HU w/ iPod hardwired
14. Philips Vision Plus H7 (not yet installed)
15. Superbright LED City Light (not yet installed)
16. Blue LED Dome Lights (not yet installed)
17. White LED maplights (not yet installed)
18. Kamei sport Grille (not yet painted and installed)
19. BMC Drop-in Air Filter
20. 35% Sungard tint all around

Future Mods when funds and time become available
1. APR Chip 93 octane/Stock programs
2. 18" ROH Azzurro Wheels
3. TT Cat back exhaust
4. Neuspeed sway bars
5. ***K&N Air filer (coming next)*** - got BMC instead
6. ***Kamei Sport Grill***
7. Painted lowers
8. Zimmerman drilled rotors w/axxis ultimates
9. Illuminated door handles (coming soon)
10. W8 Overhead console
11. Turbo boost gauge
12. Chas bar
13. NB sunglass holder
14. Neuspeed Front & Rear Sway bars
15. Rear NB Turbo badge

...a plethora of other things that I just can't think of right now

:cry: It sucks being broke :cry:
:crazy: Students never have any money especially Med students :crazy:
:weirdo: I'll be able to afford this stuff after I graduate :weirdo:
:mad: OH wait I'll be $150,000 in debt :mad:

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I once bought a 78' diesel rabbit with a student loan. No reason why you can't upscale your VW the same way doctor.
steelies arn't pretty - yet are preferred choice as winter wheels in areas where the state DOT drops truckloads of rock salt and sand on the roads each storm.
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