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I am using the right connector? I am following a reasonable approach? I am new to VW work, but will become an expert at using mirrors or buying a portable HarborFreight Inspection camera to see what is going on!

How to check the Engine Speed Sensor undoing the connector underneath of the Coolant Tank. I believe it is the GREY connector and the specs that I got from AutoZone Help Info (probably from some manual. It talks for around 5 Volts between pins 1 &3 with the key On, engine Off. One pin is probably the +Volts from the ECM and the other ground. Which I confirmed with the VOM. so the ground side is correct, since 0 ohms to ground.
I measure it and get 2.5 Volts. Is it because VW regulated feed to the sensors is 2.5 Volts or I have a fault some where?

The curious part is that when I undo the coolant tank with also a 3 pin connector between 1 & 3 there is also 2.5 Volts. I do not have the Bentley manual and cannot find the Hynes that has been misplaced somewhere in the house.

When I measure now the connector that goes to the sensor I get infinite ohms between all the connectors, so most probably change it.

Could anyone kind of give me some point or direction as what to do or is going on?

I am utilizing the Ross-Tech software with a aftermarket USB unregistered and plan to get the Bentley Manual soon since working without anything is a PITA.
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