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Hi guys, I have a passat B6 show car thats currently being resprayed as we speak for next years show season, i was toying with the idea of swapping a 2.0T into it for the end of next year and was just wondering has anybody done this before and can anybody recommend any handy ways to go about it..
2.0T passats are not too common in my country as its mostly TDi stuff, however a 2.0T passat could be sourced which would make the process a bit smoother. the main question i have on the subject is basically if i took an ECM out of (for example) a mk5 golf GTi and stuck it onto my passat, how well would it communicate with the rest of the cars computers? and would it run and drive well without too much fiddling?
any help would be appreciated so that i can go and source and engine in the near future.
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